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For many senior citizens, there comes a time to choose between dentures and dental implants. When deciding which will be best for you and your dental health, it all depends on the situation. There distinct differences between dentures and implants, and it’s important to know these differences before making your decision:


Missing teeth can be problematic for someone’s dental health and self-esteem, which is why dentures are so important. There are two types of dentures to choose from, full dentures or partial dentures. The full dentures are used when all upper or lower teeth are missing. Partial dentures are used when only some teeth are missing in either jaw. Partial dentures heavily rely on the remaining teeth to keep stable in the mouth and are to be removed every night before sleeping. 

Full dentures for the upper mouth rely on suction to hold them in place. Full dentures on the lower part of the mouth will usually only need a tight fit to keep them stable. Full and partial dentures have been used for many years and have been a reliable solution for teeth-loss, but there are some cons. Often times, those who use dentures do not like them or feel satisfied as a replacement for their teeth.

Dental Implants

Over the last few decades, people who have lost their teeth have opted for dental implants instead of dentures. Implants come in many different types and are titanium fixtures that are surgically placed into the jaws to substitute for some or all of the missing teeth. Once the implants are healed, they essentially are bonded with and become a part of the jaw bone. Once the implants are bonded, they become an anchor for partial and full dentures, crowns, and bridges, This can slow or stop bone loss in the area where the implants are placed, which partial or full dentures alone cannot do. 

When the implants are in, dentures are then snapped into place and is very secure. It is stable enough to act almost as real teeth through eating and chewing without concern of falling out or coming out of place. The dentures can be easily removed to be washed and just as easily snapped back in. Depending on what the patient needs and requirements, there multiple systems and designs for them to choose from. 

When deciding what is right for you and your dental health, it’s important to consult your dentist. Although dental implants are much more stable, secure, and preserve bone, the process can be costly and time-consuming. Full or partial dentures may not be the popular choice nowadays, they have been a viable option throughout history. Before making decisions, connect with your dentist to see what’s best for you.