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We all occasionally require the services of a dentist. Luckily, dental practitioners are not rare as their offices are found in virtually every shopping center or town. However, like any other service provider, when looking for the right dentist, you should exercise due caution to ensure that you settle for the most qualified dentist to handle your dental needs. Here is an overview of some factors to consider when selecting the right dentist.


Dental practitioners should be professionally trained and certified to practice. Whereas you cannot walk into a dentist’s office and start asking for their professional qualifications and licenses, you can gauge their professionalism by asking them a few questions relating to your area of consultation and consequently assessing how they will answer. A professional dentist will be comfortable with whatever dental questions asked and should give you a comprehensive and authoritative answer.

Location and service charters

You should endeavor to choose a dentist whose offices are close to your area of work, home, or who can be easily reached. When selecting a dentist, location is an essential factor as it ensures that you can receive dental services conveniently without having to travel for long distances. You should also endeavor to evaluate the dentist’s office hours to ensure that they are well within your convenient time of availability.

Cost implications

The dentist’s charges for dental services should be well within your budget. You may also ask additional questions relating to the cost implications, such as whether the dentist accepts insurance payments and whether there are multiple payment options available, such as credit and debit cards, personal checks, and payment in installments. To ensure that you select the right dentist with the right cost implications, you may sample out a few invoices from different dentists for common procedures, such as root canal therapy and fillings.


The dental industry is highly regulated, with various state dental boards being established to verify the professional qualifications of dentists and licensing them for practice. When looking for the right dentist, you should evaluate whether he or she is verified and licensed to practice within the area. The verification process is relatively easy as you only need to key-in a dentist’s license number into the licensing board’s website to get the licensure confirmation.